How to decide whether you should take a job or start your own business

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Job Or Business Astrology

How to decide whether you should take a job or start your own business

Business Astrology – I think most of the people in today’s life are searching for the answer of this question. Today’s young generation is facing lots of career issues like high competitions in getting jobs, less salary and more work, many responsibilities and less pay scale. Even educated people won’t get the suitable jobs and salary as per their expectation. Our post will help you whether to go for Job or Business.

Today, many people want to start their business, but they do worry whether they will succeed or not? Business is always a risk for the people those are taking loans to start a new business. Sometimes business is at risk when a person wants to leave his ongoing job and then shifting to the business. But will suggest everyone should check their horoscope to know the right career for you.
If you know the job is suitable for you then you should not think of business because it will ultimately give you satisfaction that whatever you are in. But since you don’t know what is the right option for you then you will be confused and will think about starting a business.If you go as per your horoscope, then you will save your most crucial years and time to become successful in your life.

It is always good to have a look at where your destiny wants you to be, rather than what you want to be. Because if you get the answer of this then you can invest your time or money in the right direction.

Below are few positions when a person can be successful in his own business.

If a person has an ascendant or 10th house strong in his/her birth chart.

  • Second, most important, Saturn’s position. Without a good placement of Saturn no one can be successful in any business.If your Saturn position is weak in your birth chart, then you should take a job only. Saturn is also important for your all financial or career related activities and money matters.
  • Mercury is also an important for business, as mercury self known as a business planet or Vyapaar grah. If a person has poor placement of mercury then also he will not successful in business. Mercury gives power to communicate with others/customers and to make right decisions in business.
  • Mars placement is also plays a major role while starting any business, if a person has the weak mars then he/she will also not become successful in business.Because you have to be brave, Judgmental and the hard worker to attain success in the business and all these qualities are belong to Mars.
  • Fortune is the main thing in all of this which can be determined by the ninth house of the birth chart. If ninth house is strong, then the person will be lucky and will definitely be a successful businessman.
  • Also the 2nd, 5th, 9th & 11th houses are important for business. If you invest money to start any business, then it should not be wasted or you should get the reward from your investment. Wealth yoga(Dhan Yog) can be determined from this.

When to take a Job – Business Astrology

  • If you have a weak planet placed in 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10, or 11th house, then a person should choose a job as a career. 2nd & 5th house are related to wealth and success of an individual, it also gives an idea of income or gain from the business & trade.
  • An Eighth or 8th house is relates to suffering, up-downs, sudden wealth, and profit from trade.
  • 10th house is related to income from government service and private sector.
  • If a person has a good placement of Jupiter then also he can get the good benefit from Job/service.

Apart from above there are so many planetary aspects, positions & yogas can affect the person luck in the field of Job or business. To get clear picture of your own birth chart one need to take help from any good astrologer. If you want to know about your profession you can order your business astrology report from us.

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