Horoscope & Report

Basic Horoscope - 999/-

Basic Horoscope includes basic details of your horoscope with details of your personal traits, planets, Mahadasha, Sub period, Current Dasa etc.

If you just need a basic horoscope then you can get this one.

Advance Horoscope - 2999/-

Advance Horoscope includes basic details, planetary position, overview of business/career, life, Advance remedies & Suggestion, Mahadasha details, Remedies, Vastu, Vastu Remedies as per your own birth chart.

If you are serious about future and want to know overall aspects of life then go for our advance horoscope

Business Horoscope - 4500/-

Business Horoscope includes basic details, Suitable Business/ Career Option, Overview of business/career, Advance remedies & Suggestion, Mahadasha details, Remedies, Business Vastu Remedies, Luck Remedies as per your own birth chart.

Success needs hardwork and Luck both. If you are doing hard work and not getting much fruit of your work or if you want to start your new business then this report will help you to show you the correct time to invest as well as the remedies to improve your luck.

Marriage & Relationship Report

Marriage & Relationship Report includes basic details, Remedies for improvement any relationship, Marriage for as per your own birth chart.

If you are not happy in your relationship whether its marriage or the relations with your family, sibling, friends you can get this report to know the reasons as well as remedies to improve your relationship.

Career Report- 4500/-

Career Report includes suitable career option and remedies to get success in related field, planetary position, Vastu remedies, Best period for career, Mahadasha, current Dasha & remedies.

Know before entering in any career or if you are facing any trouble in the path of your career because if you choose it correctly then success will be yours.

Wealth Report- 5500/-

Wealth Report will cover the current year as well as best financial year of your life. Remedies for wealth, Vastu Remedies for your home and office. Remedies for your business/work according the planetary position of your birth chart.

Lalkitab Horoscope with Remedies- 1999

Lalkitab horoscope with remedies includes basic details, planetary position, rin & remedies, Current Mahadasha overview and remedies, Mahadasha time period for whole life.

Lalkitab Advance Horoscope with Remedies - 9999/-

Lalkitab horoscope with basic details, Mahadasha period and remedies, Vastu Remedies, Suitable Business/Career Remedies, Relationship overview & Remedies etc and other planetary positions details in depth.

If you don’t want to invest again n again for the horoscope then this will be the most useful for you as it will cover your whole life major aspects.

Numerology Report

Numerology Report includes best years and numbers for you to take any major decisions in your life. Advance remedies and suggestions based on your lucky numbers to improve your overall luck.

Yearly Report & Remedies - 1 Year

Yearly Report includes your planetary position for the single year, which start from your birthday to the next birth day. This will include remedies to improve your current year and boost your luck.


Why Horoscope is so important for everyone, if you still thinking about this question then you must read our blog to know the information.

Mahadasha Report

Mahadasha report will help you know the current and future events of your life. You can get the whole mahadasha report or the report for a particular time.

Stock Market Astrology Report

If you are an investor or trader in stock market, you can order your personalized report for the stock market to know about your luck and remedies for trading and trade accordingly to get success in the Stock Market.

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